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It’s what every writer wants. We spend months or even years crafting a novel, laboring in solitude, immersed in our fictional worlds. When we finally emerge and release our work to the world, we all want some indication that it was worth the effort. Nothing provides that better than a letter from a satisfied reader, a letter like this one:

Corbin letter

(I redacted the writer’s name to protect the student’s privacy.) According to the teacher who forwarded it, this student had never read science fiction before but now was hooked. Better still! I have opened a student’s eyes to the mind-expanding possibilities of speculative fiction.

This letter made my day. No, it made my week!

And that’s all I have to say about that.


Author: jimmastro2

I've rescued wild dolphins, trained seals and sea lions, scuba-dived in the gloom under 15 feet of ice, done stand-up comedy, directed plays, and spent winters in Antarctica. I've been a biologist, professional dancer, laboratory manager, college professor, drummer in a band, professional diver, research assistant, photographer, surfer, and water skier. Now I write full time (except when I'm directing plays -- or surfing). Originally from San Diego, I now live in New England with my wife, son, and a small dust mop masquerading as a dog.

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